Struggling to stay relevant with your customers during these uncertain times?

Now more than ever it's not only important to connect with your potential customers but find out EXACTLY what they need in these challenging times so that you can pivot and innovate so that you can give them what they need!

👋🏽 I'm Abeiene, your guide to creating transformative connections with your customers and I can help you with this. Book a call below 👇🏽

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Here's how I can help you

✅ Stay relevant with your customers in challenging times

I help you prioritize the most important insights so that you can confidently invest in the right projects that reflect your customers' needs.

✅ Innovative and future proof your product especially in a recession

I speak directly to your customers to understand how they feel and think about your products. This will helps us craft products and service strategies to create customer-driven products.

✅ Create loyal customers when people are scared to buy

I bring you and your customers in the same room (digital or onsite) to co-create innovative products or services.

What's it like to work with me?

I was always impressed by the breadth of knowledge and research methodologies Abeiene brought to each research problem set out by our teams. And she was always a personal ally in getting the rest of the organization on board with design thinking and research.  

Anyone would be very lucky to have Abeiene on their team.


Abeiene’s demeanor and friendliness made clients very comfortable. As a team member, she took pride in being part of her teams’ process and was always honest and fair in her communication with everyone.  

Abeiene is probably the best group moderator I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She keeps the conversation focussed and on track. She has an amazing ability to balance out the louder and quieter voices in a room to ensure all opinions are considered and equally weighted.  

I would highly recommend hiring Abeiene. She would be a great addition to any team/company.


Radically improve your offering through customer research

Do you continue to guess your customer base, create one-off features to please single customer requests, or find it difficult to acquire and retain new customers?  

Guessing and making assumptions on what your customers want wastes precious development time and money.  

I’ll create and conduct a custom user research plan to help you understand how your customers currently view your product and give you actionable recommendations you can use immediately to improve your customer experience.

Create innovative solutions together with your customers

Does it feel like you’ve exhausted all your ideas? Are you and your team disagreeing on which direction to go? Are you trying to figure out future use cases for your product?  

I'll build and facilitate a custom workshop plan where you and your customers can co-create many high-impact ideas together. This hands-on workshop allows you to build meaningful products that have your customers' best interests in mind.

Create and retain loyal customers that advocate for you

Building products that your customers will love may sound easy, but when you have all these great ideas, how do you determine which ones to focus on? How do you know they’ll care about what you have to offer? And how do you get your team on board with your ideas?  

With my guidance and strategic workshops, we will come up with plans to address specific challenges that you can put into action right away.

Abeiene is a highly skilled and versatile user experience researcher. She has a vast knowledge of different research techniques and tools that helped us to uncover new insights via new methods. Abeiene was very thorough in her research process and I would look forward to working with her again.


Why should I listen to you?

👋I'm Abeiene Nejar and I have over 10 years of experience in design and product strategy. I started Stories and Design Consulting because I am passionate about helping purpose-driven companies conduct high-impact research and strategic workshops that help create and deliver products customers ❤️ and trust!  

I've worked with lots of companies in various industries that think they know their customers' wants and needs. Yet, very few deliver customer-focused products. Most business decisions are typically made in the boardroom, excluding the opinion of the people who should matter most to them. I can help you fix that!

Do you know what happens when you ignore your customers, stay stagnant and don't innovate?

😱Your customers will look for alternatives! 😱  

(RIP 💀Blockbuster, Dean Foods, Bumble Bee)  

That's why I want to help you avoid 🙅‍♀️those mistakes  

of NOT listening to your customers until the last minute. I've helped my clients connect to their customers early and often so that they can make customer-focused, business decisions, confidently!

What's it like to work with me?

I had the pleasure of working with Abeiene for a wide-reaching, public-facing website design initiative that embodied a difficult message to converse to the general audience. Abeiene's experience with helping craft research strategies and synthesizing findings into actionable goals allowed us to move forward with confidence that we were doing everything we could to make sure our message was clear and focused.  

Her ability to bring fresh ideas to the table helped keep our project on track, and her adaptability to a rapidly changing project helped us focus on the larger goals while knowing that she would deliver an outstanding product.  

Abeiene has my highest recommendation as a UX Lead and Researcher. I'm looking forward to working with her again!


Abeiene is both passionate and knowledgeable about her field and that comes across in the quality of work she produces.  

Not only is she able to get to the heart of goals and motivations for both users and businesses but she is able to present her findings in a way that allows every member of the team to understand the outcomes and how to use them.  

This combined with an ability to make her work interesting and fun makes it so the entire organization has a keener interest in design thinking and user research. I will always look to work with Abeiene in all my future endeavors.


Here are my services to help your business build irresistible products even in a recession

For your convenience, I'm offering low-risk, fixed-price packages. If you didn't find a package that meets your needs, drop me a line at for a custom engagement 😎

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Coaching Calls

If you're looking for advice on how to maintain your customer experience and already have a team to implement the strategies we speak about, then this package is for you! You get 1-1 calls once a week where we have focused, strategic calls on how to connect with your customers on a regular basis.

workshop supplies

Customer Workshops

If you want to create new and engaging products or services with your customers, this 2-day workshop is for you! I bring you and your customers together to co-create future concepts to help you innovate product solutions.

lots of people eating at a market

Customer Research

Want to stay ahead of you competition and plan for any trends that could impact your company? This package is a 6-week co-discovery process where we observe, listen, and connect to your customer to gain transformative insights that will help you plan for the short to long term, confidently.

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